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The ModelCrawler is a command line tool to crawl all model versions from database like BioModels Database and PMR2 and push the them to the MaSyMoS search index.

Run the ModelCrawler

View possible commandline arguments

$ java -jar target/ModelCrawler-0.2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar

-c               Path to config
--template       Writes down a template config file (overrides existing config!)
--test           Test mode. Nothing is pushed to morre nor stored persistent
--no-morre       Do not utilize morre to determine the latest known version nor
                 stores any model in the database. Just download and store models.
                 May cause doubles, when used for BioModels

Start the crawling

$ java -jar target/ModelCrawler-0.2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar -c conf.json

Do a dry run

$ java -jar target/ModelCrawler-0.2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar -c conf.json --test


Only the combination of fileId and versionId is unique.


The fileId represented as an urn is separated by an ! into 2 parts: The first one specifies the path to the workspace and the second one the path within the workspace. To link to a specific version, it is possible to add the versionId behind the ! or ship it as a second field.


Either the commit hash (PMR2) or the date of the release (BMDB).


Every FileBasedStorage creates an info.json with information about crawled versions and models located in the base dir of a workspace. It consists of a map of models, linking the fileId to information about the available versions and the time of the version as UNIX Timestamp.

  "models" : {
    "!:pHcontrol.cellml" : {
      "fileId" : "!:pHcontrol.cellml",
      "versions" : {
        "3de98843f02c6e130b6c607fdb35e2edca2a57e6" : 1373873463,
        "030ab6f6440c2795b9c7b0115f73ca1888f008d4" : 1373873596,
        "570f21971b7fca13184af0019fce2b3c677b1266" : 1373873980,
        "e1501746c35cafc2cfc25f935e022ef65fe8a492" : 1378798047,
        "2320d7dee569a63f5be4e47ea0b81fe1eaa0c151" : 1378864165,
        "88933857fe4e38c4de28aae14a7140c602d3b19a" : 1379024194,
        "bce14624c36bb41f33dea5b2ae7e725be9cd3cfe" : 1379024227,
        "731411e3536157b0905b93c3ba526dde603b4b20" : 1379028871,
        "2b59edd002f0721d39e738789ddbbe9529b4de3e" : 1379049449
    "!:PressureConversion.cellml" : {
      "fileId" : "!:PressureConversion.cellml",
      "versions" : {
        "2320d7dee569a63f5be4e47ea0b81fe1eaa0c151" : 1378864165,
        "a8e77a8940455c1250de09e50fdb1ab6bffb85d2" : 1378875142,
        "f005ef715944cfc7f4035a7a7d5cad7f8a1da2a5" : 1378877434,
        "731411e3536157b0905b93c3ba526dde603b4b20" : 1379028871
    "!:PhysicalConstants.cellml" : {
      "fileId" : "!:PhysicalConstants.cellml",
      "versions" : {
        "a8e77a8940455c1250de09e50fdb1ab6bffb85d2" : 1378875142