M2CAT is a web based tool to export reproducible research results

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Configure M2CAT

M2CAT exposes some crucial settings as Java ContextVariables. Those can be set e.g. by creating a new context config in Tomcat.

	This is a sample context configuration for tomcat.
	It can be inserted into the context.xml, but it highly recommended to store it in
	<!-- sets the log level. available levels: DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, NONE -->
	<Parameter name="LOGLEVEL" value="ERROR" override="0" />
	<!-- URL to the neo4j bolt api endpoint -->
	<Parameter name="NEO4J_URL" value="bolt://localhost" override="0" />
	<!-- URL to the MaSyMoS/Morre endpoint -->
	<Parameter name="MORRE_URL" value="http://localhost:7474/morre/query" override="0" />
	<!-- URL to webCAT -->
	<Parameter name="WEBCAT_URL" value="http://webcat.sems.uni-rostock.de" override="0" />
	<!-- URL to a feedback form. {0} is the current url -->
	<Parameter name="FEEDBACK_URL" value="https://github.com/SemsProject/M2CAT/issues/new?from={0}" override="0" />
	<!-- prefix for temp files/folders -->
	<Parameter name="TEMP_PREFIX" value="m2cat" override="0" />
	<!-- minimal size of the thread pool -->
	<Parameter name="THREADPOOL_SIZE" value="2" override="0" />
	<!-- maximum size of the thread pool -->
	<Parameter name="THREADPOOL_MAX_SIZE" value="5" override="0" />
	<!-- time to keep unused threads alive -->
	<Parameter name="THREADPOOL_KEEPALIVE" value="60" override="0" />



Sets the level of detail in the logs. Possible values are DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, NONE.


URL to Neo4j, running MaSyMoS. It is adviced to use the Neo4j Bolt driver. Currently no authentification is supported.


HTTP URL to the MaSyMoS/Morre query Endpoint.


URL to a webCAT instance, so created CombineArchives can be viewed directly there.


URL to a feedback form, e.g. an issue tracker. {0}is substituted with the URL the user is coming from.


Prefix to be used, when creating temporary files.


Minimum size of the thread pool for the worker, which are responsible for crawling and composing the CombineArchives


Maximum size of the thread pool, to which it can scale in case of heavy load/many requests.


Time in seconds a thread can idle before it is killed.