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The CombineFormatizer contains methods to obtain format URIs for certain file types.

About Formats

Within the COMBINE community, file formats are usually expressed as URIs, e.g. in combinearchive:wiki. That is, an SBML file may for example be of format This often makes things extra complicated and, thus, we developed the CombineFormatizer.

Getting Formats

The Formatizer class provides some methods to retrieve a format given a file:

Get Format given a File Extension

If you just have a file extension you may pass it to Formatizer.getFormatFromExtension (String) JavaDoc:

File f = ...
String extension = f.getName ().substring (f.getName ().lastIndexOf (".") + 1);
URI format = Formatizer.getFormatFromExtension (extension);

That is obviously not the best method, but it might be a good start.

Get Format given a Media Type

The CombineFormatizer is also able to guess formats from media types using Formatizer.getFormatFromMime (String) JavaDoc:

File f = ...
String mime = Files.probeContentType (f.toPath ());
URI format = Formatizer.getFormatFromMime (mime);

Guess the Format

You can also pass a file object to Formatizer.guessFormat (File) JavaDoc:

File f = ...
URI format = Formatizer.guessFormat (f);

Extend the Formatizer with your formats

To learn how to extend the Formatizer to also recognize other file types see ExtendCombineFormatizer.