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Some markup languages provide capabilities to import modules in a model. That means a model may point to a resource located on your disk or on a remote file server. BiVeS uses the FileRetriever provided by BFUtils to download/copy/read these files.

However, since the world is full of evil people guys may try to get access to sensible files on a web server running BiVeS by encoding local imports pointing to e.g. /etc/passwd, or they may want to track your model usage by “requiring” an empty model from their web server.

Therefore, it might be clever to restrict the access to local or remote files:

// disallow reading of local files (e.g. for web servers, when there is nothing useful stored locally)
FileRetriever.FIND_LOCAL = false;
// disallow reading of remote files (e.g. to prevent tracking)
FileRetriever.FIND_REMOTE = false;